Allist awarded “Emerging Medical Innovator in China 2021” by PHIIC

On August 1, China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference 2021 (the 38th Conference) organized by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center (PHIIC) was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Allist, with its outstanding innovation and R&D capacities, was awarded “Emerging Medical Innovator in China 2021”.


The list of “Emerging Medical Innovators in China” was produced by a group of leading experts from China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry (CSIPI) and Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, who comprehensively examined and analyzed related data of candidate businesses in five dimensions, namely innovation, competition, layout, development and strategy, and across five levels including R&D capacity, core competitiveness, market potential, investment value and teamwork.


Innovation is the first power driving development and growth. Only those with the gut to reform advance; only those who create succeed; and only those who make changes and innovate prevail. As China presses ahead with its innovation-driven development strategy and the Healthy China Initiative, innovation has become the pillar force protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of the Chinese people. With multiple favorable factors including supportive policies, a sound innovation ecology, technological advances, human resource accumulation and improved capital allocation at work, the development of innovative drugs in China has entered a golden period.


Over the 17 years since its establishment in 2004, Allist has broken a path of entrepreneurship and innovation with great efforts, and successfully developed two national Category I new drugs that brought hope and benefits to patients in need. Allisartan Isoproxil developed by Allist that got approval in July, 2012 was the first anti-hypertension national Category I new drug in China, and with unparalleled differentiation advantage, it was awarded the Chinese patent gold medal in 2019. Furmonertinib is Allist’s second national Category I new drug. It is a targeted drug for NSCLC, and got approval for marketing in March, 2021. It received heightened attention and applauds in the industry with impressive clinical effectiveness and safety. On June 30, Allist and ArriVent Biopharma, Inc. based in the United States reached an exclusive licensing agreement for the development and commercialization of Furmonertinib in the global market except for the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, injecting yet another impetus into Allist’s globalization and innovation drives.


“Innovation” is the embodiment and most accurate description of Allist’s entrepreneurial endeavors over the past 17 years; it also serves as a scientific guide, shedding light on the future development path for Allist. Upholding the concept of “innovation for life” and sticking to independent innovation, Alllist will maintain its dedication to exploring core product values, expanding product lines and introducing first-in-class and best-in-class products, which are the three main engines driving its sustained advancement. It will continue to increase its presence in the Chinese market while actively expanding the global market so that world-class innovative drugs originating in China could become available for patients in need around the world.