Furmonertinib provides whole-year care for Zhanjiang people: zero deductible and 80% reimbursement for eligible ones

Zhanjiang Shimin Bao, the exclusive supplementary medical insurance for Zhanjiang people, was upgraded at July 15th after it covered 1.14 million families in the city in 2020. Two Insurance program of “Care-free self-paid” and “Whole-year care-free” were introduced, among which 20 types of expensive drugs could help cure major diseases including lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.


Furmonertinib is the only epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI) incorporated in Zhanjiang Shimin Bao. Lung cancer patients could purchase Furmonertinib at designated drugstores and hospitals with prescriptions issued by specialist physicians at hospitals graded 2nd Class or above. Under the scheme, patients could enjoy zero annual deductible with 80% reimbursement and an accumulated annual reimbursement ceiling of 1.5 million yuan.


List of designated drugstores

Branch No. 3049, Zhanjiang Dashenlin Chain Drugstore Co., Ltd

Store No. 6, first floor, No. 13 Minyou Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City



Branch No. 4426, Zhanjiang Dashenlin Chain Drugstore Co., Ltd

Store No. 6, No. 46, South Renmin Avenue, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City



Branch No. 5778, Zhanjiang Tianma Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd

1st floor, Building No. 17, No. 2, Middle Renmin Avenue, Zhanjiang City



Branch No. 4942, Zhanjiang Dashenlin Chain Drugstore Co., Ltd

No. 55, Jiankang Road, Xucheng Town, Xuwen County