Furmonertinib covered by Zhoushan Supplemental Medical Insurance Program

Following its incorporation into Linyi medical insurance program, Furmonertinib has been listed in the medical insurance catalog of another city—Zhoushan. At a press conference held by the municipal government of Zhoushan, a new supplemental medical insurance program named Zhouhuibao was officially launched, marking a giant step forward that the city has taken toward realizing integrated development of basic medical and commercial health insurance, which will provide better support for the people when facing major and severe diseases. As Furmonertinib listed in the drug category of Zhouhuibao, more local lung cancer patients will have access to this effective treatments and medicine so that Furmonertinib can deliver benefits and hope to more Chinese patients in need.


With zero threshold and large-amount compensation for major diseases, inclusive, and boasting high-quality services, Zhouhuibao is a commercial supplemental medical insurance program tailored under the guidance of Zhoushan Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau. It is jointly steered by Zhoushan Municipal Finance Bureau, Zhoushan Municipal Tax Service under the State Taxation Administration of China, and Zhoushan municipal branch of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC).


Beyond the high compensation, the program provides additional value-added services for those eligible, including medicine deliveries, medicine purchase with appointment (both only applicable domestically), guidance for medicine application (Patient Assistance Program, PAP), pharmaceutical consultation, and clinical trial application, to provide better protection for the health of Zhoushan residents.