Allist employees insured under the Shanghai new supplemental medical insurance plan

After the Chinese State Council unveiled the guidelines on deepening the reform of the country’s medical insurance system in March, 2020, Huiminbao, a new medical insurance product, was rapidly introduced across the country. On April 27, Huhuibao, Shanghai’s tailored commercial supplemental medical insurance plan, was officially rolled out.

As an innovative drug producer dedicated to lung cancer treatment, Allist proactively supports and participates in the national rollout of this brand-new, inclusive  medical insurance program in response to the country’s call for intensified efforts in building a diversified, comprehensive medical insurance system featuring various models including basic government-run medical insurance program, commercial insurance and inclusive complementary supplemental medical insurance. As soon as Shanghai inclusive insuranceHuhuibao came out, Allist got all its eligible employees insured under the program so that they could enjoy additional protections, which shows its devotion to taking actual action in support of the new program.


Going forward, Allist will step up efforts for Furmonertinib to enter the category of various medical insurances, and actively explore diversified, innovative payment methods in joint efforts with strategic partners, including MediTrust, Medbanks and Yuanxin Technology, so that new and effective drugs that originate in China can become more widely available.