Dongguan Citizen Insurance Upgraded: Care-free Furmonertinib

The newly upgraded Dongguan Citizen Insurance 2021 officially opens for application today. Compared with last year, Dongguan Citizen Insurance 2021further lower deductibles, raise its reimbursement ratio, expand the list of special drugs, and reduce anamneses, which will provide more comprehensive and adequate protection for citizens.

In the process of cancer treatment, the use of effective anticancer drugs, especially the latest innovative targeted drugs, can help patients live longer and better.

Since it was launched in March this year, the effectiveness and safety of Furmonertinib have been approved by doctors and patients alike in its nearly half a year’s clinical practice. Now that Furmonertinib was incorporated in the special drugs list of Dongguan Insurance with 0 deductible and a reimbursement ratio of 85%, it will relieve the burden of more lung cancer patients.

It has been more than a year since Dongguan Citizen Insurance was first launched on August 21, 2020. More than 1 million Dongguan residents have applied for the insurance. Dongguan Citizen Insurance 2021 mainly provides two guarantees: general medical care within social security and reimbursement for specific high-priced drugs not covered by social medical insurance.

The medical expenses within the social security include treatment, surgery and hospitalization expenses incurred during the treatment of the disease, with a deductible of 15,000 for renewal clients and 18,000 for new clients. Dongguan Insurance List of Specific High-priced Drugs has been expanded from 20 to 30 and the anti-cancer drug now has 0 deductible. The reimbursement ratios for the two guarantees have been raised from 80% to 85%. Dongguan Insurance 2021 will officially take effect on October 1.