Du Jinhao, Chairman of Allist, was Invited to Give a Speech at the Forum for Scientific & Innovative Enterprises hosted by Li Qiang, Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee

At the Forum for Scientific & Innovative Enterprises hosted by Li Qiang, secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee, ten entrepreneurs from scientific and innovative enterprises of Shanghai delivered speeches based on their enterprises’ own experiences of innovative practices on July 23rd. Du Jinhao, chairman of Shanghai Allist Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., the only representative from bio-medicine enterprises, shared his ideas on the supporting mechanism for different enterprises, construction rapid lanes for IND and NDA of new drugs, practical measures for patients to get quick access to innovative drugs, optimization of living environment for talents and other key aspects.

After carefully listening to the speeches, Secretary Li further discussed the inspiring ideas with all the attendees. Secretary Li noted that all enterprises on the forum are leading ones and major forces in the essential areas of Shanghai’s scientific innovation. Relevant authorities should take their suggestions seriously, match the individual needs of each enterprise and support enterprises when they face obstacles to assist them in their development in Shanghai.


Chairman Du said that as a 17-year local innovative bio-medicine enterprise, we must uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era, confirm the ambition of contributing to the country through industrial development, stand firm that treating industrial development as the root and land the whole industry chain in Shanghai to do our part for the new round of development in Shanghai, especially Pudong New Area.


Allist will take the social responsibilities in the new era, upgrade the long-term mechanism for R&D investment, increase the proportion of R&D investment in the enterprise’s revenue and improve our innovative ability in all phases. Sticking to the philosophy of Innovation for the Future & Benefit to the People, we will try harder to make high-end drugs and spare no efforts to be the leader of innovative pharmaceuticals.