Allist and BCTC kicks off new partnership eyeing Internet+ medical care innovation

On March 9th, 2021, Shanghai Allist Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (“Allist”) and Beijing Center Technology Co., Ltd. (“BCTC”) held a ceremony in Shanghai marking the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides declared their dedication to fully tap into their respective resources and expertise and join hands in exploring a patient-oriented, innovative Internet+ medical care ecology. With concerted efforts, they will work proactively to make Allist’s new medicines more widely accessible to the benefit of patients in need.

The new partnership will feature an innovative Internet+ medical care solution provided by BCTC for the third generation of EGFR-TKI, Furmonertinib Mesilate, an original drug that Allist developed with independent intellectual property right. The solution is poised to offer patients reliable medical care services and sound protection. The day of March 8th witnessed the production of the first batch of Furmonertinib, and BCTC have put the new drug on the shelves of most its offline pharmacies; the new drug has also started its journey into the Catalogue for National Specific Drugs under inclusive insurance programs. These rapid moves show the Internet speed at which the two sides are forging ahead ever since the initial stage of their partnership.

Sandy Mu, CEO of Allist, said at the ceremony, “Different from traditional platforms for comprehensive medical services, BCTC, with its core feature of being digital, enjoys remarkable advantage in the provision of integrated services that cover treatments, drugs and insurances. To cater to the huge, unmet clinical demand, Allist hopes to press ahead with a patient-centered medical care system through the strategic partnership with BCTC while picking up pace in market penetration with the support of BCTC’s digital capacities, so as to provide more accurate, scientific and efficient medical solutions with our new drugs.”

Luo Dongtao, Co-founder, VP and CMO of BCTC, said, “Facing pressure of accelerating rollout of new drugs and increasing medical expenditures as a result of population ageing, the industry has taken various measures to mitigate risks associated with drug costs. Against this backdrop, BCTC, in joint efforts with Allist, has managed to break through the inherent constraints of traditional payment methods with brand-new payment models. The new partnership will empower the two sides in our respective areas of expertise, making us more mutually-reinforcing, and we will explore further in the territory of Internet+ medical care in pursuit of win-win cooperation.”