Furmonertinib Entered Wuxi: Inclusive Commercial Insurance List Upgraded

On January 15, 2021, Wuxi's special inclusive commercial medical insurance programYi Hui Xi Cheng (YHXC) was officially released under the guidance of Wuxi Healthcare Security Bureau. Starting from September 1, YHXC List of High-priced Self-funded Drugs was updated and increased by 5 new drugs, covering a total of 40 kinds of high-priced self-funded drugs, 31 of which are for malignant tumors and 9 of which are for rare diseases. Furmonertinib is incorporated in this updated list, which will help local lung cancer patients to gain more access to it, so that this innovative drug originally developed in China will benefit more patients.

YHXC, which is complementary to basic social medical insurance, is designed to provide medical insurance coverage for high-priced self-funded hospitalization, high-priced self-funded drugs for malignant tumors and for rare diseases. Anyone covered by basic social medical insurance of Wuxi (including Jiangyin and Yixing) can join YHXC regardless of age, gender and anamneses.

During the period of insurance, the insured, once diagnosed with malignant tumors covered in YHXC List of High-priced Self-funded Drugs for Malignant Tumorand prescribed by designated specialist physicians in designated medical institutions in Wuxi city (including Jiangyin, Yixing), can purchase the drugs prescribed from designated medical institutions and designated drug stores in line with relevant regulations, which will greatly reduce the economic burden of cancer patients.